Monday, November 22, 2010

Sloany Bear enjoys Math!! WOW

I neber thought I would enjoy a counting lesson in my life but Today whapped me with a surprise---a nice one. Miss Sparrow subbed for Mr. Elijah and we talked about Autumn festivals in different countries. Then we played a pumpkin game in which de teasher had each of us secretly IM her with a classmate's name (for giving a punkin-gift to)---she she had distwibuted them to us earlier. Guess who got de most pumpkins?

[11:35 AM]  Coby Childs: whoever has the most pumpkins is the kewlest :P
[11:35 AM]  Ariane Banx: wes gona find outs
[11:35 AM]  Zak Kowalski: and has to make the pie hehe
[11:35 AM]  Sparrow Haven: Okay. Who has the most pumpkins?
[11:35 AM]  bloom Fargis: yeh everyone keep my pumkins i aint cool
[11:35 AM]  Zak Kowalski: the girls have since they can cook best :D
[11:35 AM]  Andriia Banx: Sal==kiabes!
[11:35 AM]  Sloane Woodford: i cant believe it
[11:35 AM]  Andriia Banx: oh wow
[11:35 AM]  Coby Childs: lol
[11:35 AM]  Sloane Woodford: Wooooow!
[11:35 AM]  bloom Fargis: sloany bear has
[11:35 AM]  Andriia Banx: Sloane**
[11:35 AM]  Sloane Woodford: Wooooow!
[11:35 AM]  Sparrow Haven smiles
[11:35 AM]  Sparrow Haven: Who has the least pumpkins?
[11:35 AM]  Andriia Banx: oot oot
[11:36 AM]  bloom Fargis: coby, ariana, andriia
[11:36 AM]  Sparrow Haven: very good.
[11:36 AM]  Sloane Woodford: i not vewy popular in my OTHER class so TYTYTY
[11:36 AM]  Sloane Woodford: ❤
[11:36 AM]  Coby Childs: awww no pumpkin love for me :(
[11:36 AM]  Sparrow Haven: How many pumpkins does Bloom have?
[11:36 AM]  Sloane Woodford: and i luff u ppl tooooo
[11:36 AM]  Sloane Woodford: ❤
[11:36 AM]  Andriia Banx: hers habs 4
[11:36 AM]  Sloane Woodford: yesh Coby
[11:36 AM]  bloom Fargis: i got 4 but mistakes i should have 0
[11:36 AM]  Sloane Woodford: i sent u a punkin Coby
[11:36 AM]  Andriia Banx: >.>
[11:36 AM]  Sloane Woodford: a bewy orange one
[11:37 AM]  Coby Childs: really? *blushes*
[11:37 AM]  Zak Kowalski: hehe
[11:37 AM]  Sloane Woodford: ask teasher?
[11:37 AM]  Sparrow Haven: yes everyone had a pyumpkin sent to them from SOMEone
[11:37 AM]  Sloane Woodford: kk ¸..•*´♕`*•.¸

[11:44 AM]  Sparrow Haven: you guys do a good job with Math :)
[11:44 AM]  Sloane Woodford: not honestly
[11:44 AM]  bloom Fargis: yeah no
[11:44 AM]  Andriia Banx: :]
[11:44 AM]  Sloane Woodford: i so bad at it weally
[11:44 AM]  Coby Childs: ya barbie says math is hard
[11:44 AM]  Sparrow Haven: Well you guys did a really good job just now
[11:44 AM]  Sloane Woodford: but i wike blogs
[11:44 AM]  Sparrow Haven gave you Pumpkin 1.
[11:45 AM]  Sloane Woodford: ('*•.¸•*• Ťĥ∆ⓝⓀ  ΫΘ☋ •*•¸.•*´)
[11:45 AM]  Zak Kowalski: thank you
[11:45 AM]  Coby Childs: oooh yay we get to keep?
[11:45 AM]  Andriia Banx: fankies
[11:45 AM]  Coby Childs: ty :)
[11:45 AM]  Sparrow Haven: Yup
[11:45 AM]  Sloane Woodford: niCE
[11:45 AM]  Ariane Banx: ♥ Thank Youuuuuuuuuu!! ♥
[11:46 AM]  Coby Childs: mine smells like sloane
[11:46 AM]  Coby Childs giggles.

Now there are 2 postscripts I hafta write:-

1) Of course you can 'mell that your punkin came from me Coby! I am always creating so I have a painted pixel scent all around me, heh. It is fwesh fwom Paint Shop.

2) Also, if you think I dweamed up my dreamee nickname, I did not....I got it last week when we were playing Gummi Bears:
[10:43 AM]  Coby Childs: She can't be Sunni cuz Sunni wants to be a princess
[10:43 AM]  Zak Kowalski: true
[10:43 AM]  Sloane Woodford: ?
[10:44 AM]  bloom Fargis: i can't be none of that
[10:44 AM]  bloom Fargis: ""giggles""
[10:44 AM]  Sloane Woodford: wut can I be?
[10:44 AM]  Zak Kowalski: you can be uhm sloany bear hehe
[10:44 AM]  Sloane Woodford: kk ¸..•*´♕`*•.¸
[10:44 AM]  Coby Childs: Princess Calla
[10:44 AM]  Zak Kowalski: and u then bloomy bear
[10:44 AM]  bloom Fargis: yeah coby, zak what is sloane??
[10:44 AM]  bloom Fargis: :p
[10:44 AM]  Sloane Woodford: i Sloany Bear
[10:44 AM]  Zak Kowalski: yea
[10:44 AM]  Sloane Woodford: I wike dat
[10:44 AM]  bloom Fargis: zakky bear stop running like a bunny
[10:44 AM]  bloom Fargis: ""giggles""
[10:46 AM]  Sloane Woodford: ✰☪:• RAWR •:☪✰
[10:46 AM]  Sloane Woodford: I Sloany Bear and i will
[10:46 AM]  Sloane Woodford: LIKE RAWR AND STUFF!! =^w^=
[10:46 AM]  Zak Kowalski: no we are just playing gummybears

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