Monday, November 15, 2010

Stream-of-Conscious Whirlwindlight

Well it sure is an AliceInWonderland kinda first class for me---all laggy and twirly-whirry and fuzzy 'round de evanescent edges of my pc probs so lemme just step my feet down on 2 sole-pedals and rev both shoes to first gear now---when suddenly a landmark finds its way to my mouse and *clicks* me to a checkered room where i'm told to locate windlight? Like huh? (If it's night, mightn't i should be lookin for ebonybreeze as darkness rules here....has my teasher thought dis through at all?) And suddenwy, after eberyone disappears thru a spiral, i locate the word "air" and it seems to be de tab i want tho it not called anyting wike windlight so maybe my teasher's a jokester (gonna take his directives with a massive chunka salt) anyway COOL i'm standing in a picture-perfect location (pardon de photographic pun) and all is well cept i cannot swing my camra hardly at all but just as i get ready to snap a shot, Jai asks me to move and i comply by crashing :P no kidding and when i return i'm a cloud drifting a long time to be presentable yet when i finally am, de pix are kinda mediocre till a message tells me i must return to our Little Wondersland but i rebel (moi?) and try for jus one more pose and WOW it is a foto that encompasses what i love in my spirit so i finish de lesson all glowy, eben a bit ebullient and resolve to have this effort be my pictorial header for dis blog. Hope ya wike it.

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